People shaping places, places shaping people: Community asset ownership

More than 6,300 assets are in community ownership in England today. This model plays an essential role in ensuring places are built on resilient entities and benefit those living locally. As well as improving service delivery and financial sustainability, community asset ownership has been found to reduce vacancy rates, enable ‘bottom-up’ regeneration, improve health and wellbeing, and support the reduction of harmful carbon emissions.

Following on from a roundtable, this summary brings together three reports published by Power to Change that explore the role of community asset ownership. The first report from CRESR (Sheffield Hallam University) sets out the history and current state of community asset ownership. The second, written by Power to Change research associates, explores the benefits of community asset transfer and the role that the public and private sector can play. The third, by Renaisi, focuses on the role and benefit of community asset transfer and ownership, supported through various Power to Change funding programmes.