Community Involvement in Strengthening Local Economies

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Are you or have you been involved with a programme, intervention, research or evaluation involving communities in rebuilding or strengthening their local economy? 

If so, we would like to hear from you as part of our first evidence review, exploring the evidence on what works to turn around local economies, and the role of communities within this.

Criteria for submission

We are looking for examples of innovative or unpublished practice, intervention, research or evaluation, where communities are included at the heart of efforts to turn around local economies that have declined, experienced a sudden shock or stopped working for the local community. Examples need to meet all of the following criteria.

  • Have a primary focus on turning around, rebuilding or revitalising local economies, where communities are directly involved in the practice, intervention, research or evaluation.
  • Work or projects should be currently in progress or have been undertaken since 2015
  • Ideally, the example can be shared publicly (we will contact you directly for permission before this happens) 
  • Examples can be from anywhere in the world.

Submitting your information 

At this stage, we are asking you to complete a few short questions about your example via the submissions form below.

Along with providing a short description of your practice, intervention, research or evaluation, we welcome any additional information you would like to submit. This can be a report or other documents, written descriptions, quotes, case studies, audio or video recording or any other format that captures what is happening. 

If you have formal evaluation or data reports, that’s great, but you don’t need one to submit an example.  A description of what you have been doing in your own words is just as interesting to us. 

We won’t be asking to make any information public at this stage, it will only be seen by our reviews team. Please remember to include contact details on the submissions form for someone directly involved in the work that we can get in touch with if we need to clarify anything or request permission to use the information publicly.

Here is some more information about our approach.

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Data will be used for research and evidence review purposes only and will be stored securely. We will never use your data for other purposes without your consent.