10 Aug 2021

"We Keep Us Safe": Exploring the role of community in public safety

We Keep Us Safe: In conversation with author Zach Norris cover image

14th October, 5.30-7pm (UK)

Set against the backdrop of our landmark research agenda Safety in Numbers?, which last year unveiled safety to be the overwhelming number one concern for communities across the UK, join us this October for a lively virtual discussion around where safety and community meet.

During the event, we’ll explore the need to talk about safety now, the potential pitfalls of tackling the issue of safety head-on, what the opportunities are to embrace the power of community as a response to safety fears, and how we can bring communities to the forefront of these discussions.

As part of the discussion, we’ll be joined by Zach Norris, the pioneering US-based public safety campaigner, Executive Director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, and author of We Keep Us Safe: Building Secure, Just, and Inclusive Communities. In the book, he lays out a radical way to shift the conversation about public safety away from fear and punishment and toward growth and support systems for families and communities. It sets out a blueprint of how to hold people accountable while still holding them in community. Zach will help us explore what his insights might mean in a UK context.

The conversation will be co-chaired by Jon Alexander, Fellow at The Young Foundation and Director of the New Citizenship Project, and Emily Morrison, Head of the Institute for Community Studies, who led the research agenda Safety in Numbers? They will lead a participatory discussion, seeking to tap into the collective intelligence of everyone who attends - do come ready to share your own insight and experience. To kick things off, they will be joined by an array of exciting contributors, including Professor Donna Hall, Chair of New Local, the independent think tank on a mission to unlock community power. More guests to be announced...

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