Sana Iqbal strives towards studying the relationship between humans and their environments, in particular how can we organise our lives in urban environments for supporting people’s well-being. She joined the Institute for Community Studies as a Senior Researcher in July 2021, after successfully earning her PhD from Coventry University, UK. For her doctoral research, she has analysed the impact of transport poverty on women and has proposed ways for gender inclusivity in urban planning. It also led her to evaluate the existing policy frameworks with a feminist lens to understand their impact on the lives of women. The research was set against the backdrop of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contributed towards unlocking the debate on the bottlenecks to achieve the UN goals, particularly 1 and 5 and make policy changes. 

She has previously worked as a Project Officer at the Coventry City Council, where she was responsible for capacity building in local authorities to support socially-incluisve sustainable transport measures. She was also involved in data collection and analysis for the Women’s Mobility (WEMOBILE) project, which was a collaborative, international project between the UK, Pakistan and Malaysia funded by the Global Network Fund (UK). She has a vast experience of leading interdisclipinary research projects both at the higher education institutions as well as in the charity sector and in linking research to practice in diverse contexts. Her work has received international recognition, presented at world-recognised conferences and published in peer reviewed journals.