Tania is a social psychologist and social innovator, passionate about leveraging design thinking to co-create solutions to complex problems. She previously worked at CENTRO University’s Social Design Hub, an academic and community hub embedded in a marginalised community in Mexico City with a long history of inequality and violence. She has also lived and worked in Chicago and Rome, giving her an international perspective on social challenges.

Before joining the Institute for Community Studies, Tania worked in consultancy for the health sector, using research and engagement to unearth actionable insights for NHS England, the British Psychological Society and the World Health Organisation, amongst other organisations. In her free time, Tania is co-founder of a start-up looking to improve access to mental health support by designing strategic services. She is at her best when disentangling complex challenges, facilitating conversations between stakeholders, and harnessing creative thinking to co-create solutions that improve people’s lives.