Nahed is doing her PhD in Female Entrepreneurship and social capital.


She is a British council (HESPAL) awarded researcher, and is based in York. She has worked for many years as a lecturer, academic tutor and has been appointed for many managerial positions at different universities in Gaza- Palestine. Nahed is particularly interested in understanding the role and the relationship between Female Entrepreneurship & Social Capital in the Gaza Strip. She is also interested in researching Female refugees entrepreneurs. She has published and is publishing many papers on Women's Small Projects, Female Entrepreneurship in international conferences and at the British Academy of Management. Nahed has always been interested in empowering women and youth in need and has been working for more than 8 years in Palestinian Women and Youth Organizations, to develop managerial and other skills of women and youth in Palestine. Over the last 12 years, she has founded and managed many different charitable events to help Palestinian children in need. Nahed believes in the value of time and that every crisis is an opportunity to learn and survive. She strongly believes that community-related research is a process of inclusive participation that supports mutual respect of values, strategies, and actions for people who share geographic locations, interests, or similar circumstances to address issues that may affect community wellbeing, to provide useful information and to help improving life conditions.