Alice studies multiple disadvantage and is interested in critical, participatory, transformative research approaches, as an ESRC funded PhD scholar at Leeds University.

Alice’s PhD focuses on how multiple disadvantage is constructed, regulated and contested within policy, practice and lived realities. She has studied History (BA), social research methods (PGCert) , and public policy (MSc) in London in amongst being a cycle courier of coffee beans and managing the distribution of supplies to various refugee camps around Serbia. When back in London in 2018 she worked as a researcher for the Lankelly Chase Foundation before applying to further this work through a PhD at Leeds University. 

Through her PhD, Alice hopes to advocate for transformation within the policy-making/service design arenas by demonstrating how out of step policy narratives - surrounding multiple disadvantage - are with the lived realities of people. She is using a post-structural approach to policy analysis to explore the ways narratives shape the way people are able to be governed. She has also adopted participatory action research principles in order to deepen an understanding of power-knowledge dynamics with the demographic of individuals targeted by such policies. This approach also increases the credibility and validity of such work.

She currently lives in the Cairngorms and is equally passionate about equitable access to the outdoors.