I am a Chief Executive of a local community based organisation. I have lived in the borough of Richmond for 34 years and a trustee of a local infra structure support organisation. I am at a point where I want to explore opportunities, develop, grow and utilise my skills. 

I belong to two communities – the community I live in which is predominantly older people and/or carers who also have their own health issues. We look out for each, communicate via emails and talk to each other in the high street. When issues arise we meet so that we can respond as a community and make sure our voices are represented. I am a member of my local residents association and actively involved in a local working group specific to my neighbourhood made up of 10 residents, local authority offices and our local councillor. Issues I am interested in are planning, infrastructure, health and social care provision and the environment.     

In my professional capacity I run a local community based organisation providing service to people with addiction/mental health issues including carers and family members. I sit on various local authority Groups/Committees/Boards to raise awareness of the issues affecting our service users as well as the voluntary sector. I respond to consultations online and attend events to influence local politicians and officers regarding local health and social care provision as well as the voluntary sector.    

Working together communities have a stronger voice to challenge, question, hold politicians to account and ensure our money is spent on what is needed. Together we have a lot to give; knowledge, networks, and diverse life experiences. 

With social capital on the increase, this is the perfect time to be a member of the advisory board to help review its plans and whether its work is needed and relevant. I hope to learn through sharing experiences with other members and meet new people.