Unique about Sikh community is that all paths lead to one God, all people are equal, and each of us can experience freedom and spiritual liberation through loving and serving others.

Sikhism stands for the equality of women and men and denounces any discrimination pertaining to age, sex, race, caste, creed, religion, disability or colour.

I currently feel good and proud to be part of the Sikh community, which is contributing in business, education and volunteer sectors to make us forward thinking, diverse, cohesive and successful communities.

I am very active in local and national level to help worship places (Gurdwaras) for:

  • better governance,
  • legal compliance,
  • conflict resolution,
  • serving others, and
  • meeting the objectives of the organisations. 

It motivates me when I see the tangible, factual results and improvements in the Gurdwaras from social problems solving point of view.

I am semi retired and occasionally work as consultant and/or assessor for ISO 9001:2018, The Business/Quality Management System Standard.

I have two sons and one daughter and they are settled in their lives.

Special interests are running. Community and charity work to bring social change to convey the message that we all are global citizens, breathing same air, drinking same water and living in ONLY ONE environmentally controlled container our beautiful earth planet.

I want to see the institute to succeed and to contribute in meeting the objectives, programmes in time to meet the contractual requirements and the expectations of the clients. This will give me lot of satisfaction, happiness and hopefully I will learn more for myself as learning process never completes.